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The 15 best Levi’s commercials ever

Andrea Tuzio

It was 1987 and on TV screens all over Europe, it was a wonderful commercial that, thanks also to an enchanting soundtrack, was a huge success. The voice that accompanies the protagonists of this commercial is by the late Percy Sledge and the notes are those of his greatest success When a Man Loves a Woman.
The story told in just under a minute is a mini-drama that sees a girl greeting her soldier boyfriend at the bus station, then, as the intensity of the piece rises, she comes home and crying opens a package that he left her before leaving. Inside are a pair of old Levi’s 501, she takes off her skirt and puts them on. In the back pocket, there is a letter, a love letter that our protagonist opens and reads sitting on her bed, wrapped in her beloved’s jeans.

This story you have just read is the screenplay of the 1987 Levi’s commercial called “Parting” and is a perfect example of another beautiful story, the one between the Californian company founded in San Francisco in 1853 by Levi Strauss, a German immigrant of Jewish origin, and the media medium par excellence, TV.

Throughout the 80s, the commercials dedicated to the most famous jeans in the world have been a hymn to beauty in all its facets: Nick Kamen, Brad Pitt and many other beautiful actors have lent their face, and their body, to advertise Levi’s jeans, the soundtracks that winked at the 50s and the themes related to love and sensuality. In the second half of the ’90s the music changes, the attention shifts to the spectacularization and the involvement, even emotional, of the spectator. A decisive step in contemporaneity that strengthens the leading role that Levi’s had in the construction of absolute cult commercials.

Today we want to celebrate this idyll by putting together the 15 best Levi’s commercials ever, good vision.

1. Levi’s: “Laundrette” (1985)

2. Levi’s 501: “Parting” (1987)

3. Levi’s 501: Refrigerator” (1988)

4. Levi’s 501: Pick-Up” (1989)

5. Levi’s: Pool Hall” (1991)

6. Levi’s 501: Creek” (1994)

7. Levi’s 501: Drugstore Boy” (1995)

8. Levi’s 501: Clayman” (1995)

9. Levi’s 501: Washroom (1996)

10. Levi’s: Photocopier (1998) – never aired on TV and only released in 2003 by director Chris Cunningham

11. Levi’s: Flat Eric (1999)

12. Levi’s: Twisted to fit (2001)

13. Levi’s: Odyssey (2002)

14. Levi’s 501: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2005)

15. Levi’s: Go Forth (2010)

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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