Design Hiddenscape, two bunkers transformed into war exhibitions

Hiddenscape, two bunkers transformed into war exhibitions

Giulia Guido

Studio APL, which since it was founded in 2006 has been working to create unique spaces by fusing architecture, culture and materials, has recently finished “Hiddenscape“. 

“Hiddenscape” is the project that saw two bunkers in Yulin, one of Taiwan’s 25 counties, being transformed into two multimedia galleries, two museums about war. After all, what better way to relive and learn about the history of one’s own country than in a place that turned out to be fundamental during the Second World War? 

The two air raid shelters in question were built in 1943 and their layout has been kept the same. In fact, the architects of Studio APL worked to make the space welcoming – cleaning out the vents and creating systems to let in natural light – but without disrupting the form, trying to restore the original look of the spaces to visitors. 

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The larger shelter is divided into two rooms, one dedicated to virtual reality and the other to mixed reality, where through films and videos you will be catapulted into the Second World War. The second and smaller shelter offers an immersive experience in the small and narrow corridors of the structure. 

“Hiddenscape” is the perfect example of how contemporary design can be integrated into historic buildings and architecture and tell its story. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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