Art Hizkunta, the mural that reveals itself at night
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Hizkunta, the mural that reveals itself at night

Giulia Guido
Hizkunta |

In Baiona, a small town on the south-western coast of France, in Pasta Plaza, the two Barcelona artists María López and Javier de Riba have unleashed all their creativity by creating Hizkunta.

Hizkunta, which in the Basque language means language or idiom, is a mural that at first glance, or rather, in the sunlight seems to be a simple silhouette of a whale. You have to wait for the sun to set completely to admire the work in all its splendor, which in the dark reveals a bright design. Whalers appear in the belly of the whale on a boat.

The reading of the mural can be twofold, for some, it is the whale that has devoured the sailors, for others it is the representation of the ghost of the animal, now captured by the whalers. The idea for Hizkunta was described by the authors themselves as follows:

“The commercial extinction of the “Eubalena Glacialis” whale in the Cantabrian Sea made the Basque sail to new destinations, which created new languages such as Basque-Icelandic and Algonquin-Basque”.


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