Home, the abandoned houses of Gohar Dashti

26 February 2018

The Iranian photographer, Gohar Dashti, describes in his photographic series, Home, what happens when people have to abandon their home and nature takes control.

Our home contains many concepts, among the most important ones there’s security. A sensation of warmth, wellness, peace, that is not a prerogative of countries that in their recent history have faced long and tough wars.

One of this places is Iran, whose abandoned house are the subjects of the photographic series, Home, of the Iranian photographer, Gohar Dashti. Through a reconstruction of the reality, supported by her memories, Gohar tells us what happens when people have to flee for their safety and the houses become empty, leaving space to nature to take a place that will never be forgotten in its previous state.

Where human being were, nature will continue to live.


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