Art ICONS CLUB, the new agency for sports talent

ICONS CLUB, the new agency for sports talent

Giulia Guido

What is a footballer away from the field? And an athlete not on the track? Even today, we often find it difficult to think of sportsmen and women away from competitions and matches, yet if only we had the chance to get to know them better we would discover that there are people and personalities with unexpected passions and dreams. It is from this awareness that ICONS CLUB was born, the new agency aimed at sports talents, which has the objective of telling the story of young sportsmen and women, raising their profile, increasing their notoriety in order to make known the true soul behind every champion.

The agency is a prject by Emis Killa, Nicolò Fossanova, founder of Football Icons 360, and Federico Pasquetti, Co-Founder of dropout, who have pooled their skills and experience to create a place for building projects designed and developed to turn every athlete into a true icon.

“ICONS CLUB was born from the desire to give visibility to athletes both on and off the field. Style is important and emphasises charisma” – Emis Killa

One of the first sportsmen to believe in ICONS CLUB is Lorenzo Colombo, who grew up in the youth ranks of AC Milan and who has completely trusted ICONS CLUB to raise awareness of his identity, his passion for streetwear, trainers and music.

“I chose ICONS CLUB because it’s a cool and interesting project. I got to know the team and their desire to do things, their ideas struck me” – Lorenzo Colombo

Visit the ICONS CLUB website to find out more and follow its Instagram profile to get to know more about other sportspeople.
Written by Giulia Guido
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