Interview with Folamour, the globetrotting dj with the bucket hat

Interview with Folamour, the globetrotting dj with the bucket hat

Emanuele D'Angelo

His music has always been infused with a great passion that makes his output romantic, poetic and emotionally enduring.
Folamour is a unique artist who draws on the core values of classic house, funk and disco artists, but always adds his own distinctive touch.

An artist who collected 130 dates worldwide in 2019 and two beautiful albums to catch up on as soon as you can if you missed them.
And on top of that his legendary Boiler Room recently cemented him as one of the most promising artists of his generation. 

But despite all this Folamour keeps amazing us with his own unique style, never limiting himself to one particular genre, and the various influences on his forthcoming album make him one of the most talented artists on the scene.

On 5 February, his latest single ‘Just Want Happiness’ was released, a river song, as he defines it. A single that speaks as much about birth, departure and encounters as it does about loneliness, mourning and abandonment, it is about lucidity and hope. Sensations that are also perceived in the video directed by Vincent Desrousseaux, entirely shot without any effect, featuring Folamour literally on fire who ends his run in a lake.

A single that anticipates his new album, which will be released in a few months. We had a chat with him to step into his magical world to kill time while waiting.

Let’s start right away with your new single ‘Just Want Happiness’. In this delicate time, both the title and the cover are more than ever striking and significant. Can you explain how this single, the first one of the new year, came about?

When I started conceiving this album, I decided to base it on the last three years of my life, between roads and cities, gigs and studios basically. At some point, I stepped back and found out I wasn’t happy doing this in the way I was doing it, it was too extreme. On the album, I wanted a song resuming the whole story, also resuming life in all its emotions and complexity, in my humble way and it’s how “Just Want Happiness” came to life.

Because of the current situation, we are facing right now, the music industry almost seems on pause. But music cannot and must not stop: that’s what we keep saying not only in Italy but all over the world. We have seen you playing almost all over the world, how are you coping with the issues we have to face in this period? 

I used the first months to finish writing and producing the album, resting also after a crazy 2019 year. Now I’m just working on ways to bring good vibes and mind travels to my people that I can’t come to meet, doing mixtapes, live sets, sharing videos, talking with people too, building new projects. There’s not much I can do to get over this situation so I’m just doing my best to make it easier or more musical for my people at least!

We know that a new album is coming up soon, can you tell us more about this project and any other upcoming plans?

I can’t share much about this as I decided to share precise elements at certain moments to explain piece by piece what’s the whole story/trip will be but what I can say is there is a lot more new music to come, some closer to what people may expect from me, some further into experimenting the link between pop, soul, funk, world music and my own vibes. The next single is already around the corner, it’s all I can say, and it will surely bring summer to your door! Follow the road, fam.

And in case you also need to unplug and test the freshness and sound of Folamour, this video will undoubtedly help.

Photo credits: Xavier Desrousseaux

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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