Photography The intimate and natural shots of Igor Brehov

The intimate and natural shots of Igor Brehov

Emanuele D'Angelo
The intimate and natural shots of Igor Brehov |

It is only through chemical-physical or digital processes that we are able to obtain, using a camera of course, the image of people, objects or anything else. A very precise moment that remains there, forever, available to all, a real trace of our passage.

But there are only a few photographers capable of going beyond, beyond the lens, beyond the single shot. There are photographers like the one we’re going to talk about today, Igor Brehov, capable of digging into the interiority of the subjects with a simple but poetic style.

Take just a few minutes to immerse yourself in the world of Igor Brehov, a young photographer divided between Moscow and Paris.

A world where his subjects, almost exclusively women, seem to merge with the nature that surrounds and envelops them in a unique context where everything is focused on the body and movements.

Immersed in the snow, in the mountains or at the seaside, the subjects of Igor Brehov are portrayed in an almost peaceful but at times also provocative naturalness.
Shots that, as we said, are able to go beyond the simple moment, making us live that moment even if we are not physically there.

Below you can find a selection of shots of Igor Brehov, but not to miss all his work follow him on Instagram.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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