Photography Irreverence in Kostis Fokas’ shots

Irreverence in Kostis Fokas’ shots

Elena Fortunati
Ironic and surreal photos by Kostis Fokas |

Kostis Fokas is is a conceptual photographer whose artistic practice revolves around the exploration of the complexities of the human body. His work focuses on the interplay between youth culture and eroticism and widely reflects aspects of his inner self. He is irreverent, sensual, arrogan, humorous, provocative and energetic. He was born in Greece, precisely in Athens, where probably growing up among statues of gods and water lilies, he understood that behind the pose of a body there is a world of forms to explore.

«Boredom and reality do not interest him and his shots prove it. He knows how to handle the world and his room to his liking. By controlling every color detail, every light source, he creates a shot that is an estrangement from everyday life, that he knows of Tumblr and surrealism.»

Kostis Fokas
Written by Elena Fortunati
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