Art The ironic illustrations of Lila Ash

The ironic illustrations of Lila Ash

Emanuele D'Angelo
Lila Ash |

Lila Ash is an American illustrator and artist, graduated in 2011 from the Rhode Island School of design, and has never considered anything else in her life but art.
It has always been her main aspiration, but before she got to where she is now she has come a long way. Over the years she has worked as a carpenter, sculptress and decorative painter.

She took her several years to define her concept and refine her technique, and above all to create a valid portfolio.
In college, her thesis project was a comic book and laid the foundations for her style. 
She was influenced by all of Crumb’s comics that she read voraciously. 
Then there are many other artists who helped her develop her style, including Julie Doucet, Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes and her mentor Joe Petruccio. Her college friends, Edo Rosenblith, Kyle Norris and Armando Veve also had a great influence on her and still continue to stimulate her in her current work. 
To this day, she collaborates assiduously with various magazines, in which she is always able to distinguish herself thanks to her light irony and subtlety in dealing with hot topics.

Lila Ash |

Lila Ash is inspired mainly by feminist themes, she is undoubtedly one of the main voices of the #MeToo movement.
She makes many illustrations of stories of women who have suffered sexual harassment, but not only that, many are her cartoons with a political background, especially criticism of Trump.
Always very attentive to current themes, most of his cartoons are conceived and drawn in an ironic key, with the main objective to make the reader reflect.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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