Design Island, the electric tram for Hong Kong by Ponti Design Studio
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Island, the electric tram for Hong Kong by Ponti Design Studio

Emanuele D'Angelo

To encourage a return to normality after the pandemic, Ponti Design Studio has created an autonomous, two-storey, driverless tram concept.

“We should not divide and separate, but rethink public spaces with an integrated and effective design approach”.

The product design company, founded by Hong Kong Italian designer Andrea Ponti, wanted to offer a modern interpretation of existing public transport to adapt it to the post-Covid-19 world, where the prevention of future pandemics is fundamental.
The ambitious project of the electric tram, called Island, aims to persuade people to switch from private to public transport, which for obvious reasons have been poorly used in the last period.

With the help of electrical technology there is more space inside the vehicle, Island is clearly without both engine and driver, making it easier for passengers to respect the distance.
Each tram designed by Ponti Design Studio is equipped with a retractable connection point to allow quick charging at stops.

“Island represents Hong Kong’s forward-thinking spirit and introduces a new concept of public transport that goes beyond the practice of social displacement.”

Designproduct design
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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