Art Jeanne Beuvin and her delicate illustrations of women

Jeanne Beuvin and her delicate illustrations of women

Emanuele D'Angelo

Jeanne Beuvin is a graphic designer born in the southwest of France with an undoubted talent and an inordinate passion for illustration, which she has turned into her work.

Jeanne Beuvin

On social, where she is better known under the name lesfillesdusurf, she shares her beautiful illustrations and all her latest work. Taking inspiration from her surroundings, the French artist creates unique illustrations, always maintaining a clean style, using the same color palettes.

Jeanne Beuvin

Women are always at the center of her drawings, voluminous, always depicted without faces or distinctive features. Recently, she has created a series of colorful, inclusive and non-discriminatory illustrations that focus on girls surfing.

Jeanne Beuvin

The series is entitled “analyses illustrées des filles qui surfent” and through these illustrations, she wants to break down all kinds of clichés present in this beautiful sport.

Jeanne Beuvin

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Portrayed almost always alone, almost melancholic but with their eyes always turned towards the sea, we are sure you will fall in love at first sight with the fantastic illustrations of Jeanne Beuvin.

You can also purchase some illustrations, just log on to her site here.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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