Photography Flowers as bodies, the photography of Jennifer Latour
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Flowers as bodies, the photography of Jennifer Latour

Giulia Guido

There are some works that cannot be classified into a single artistic genre, just like Jennifer Latour‘s latest series entitled “Bound Species“.

In order to understand why “Bound Species” is not a simple collection of photographs, we need to analyze Jennifer Latour’s career and background. Born in Seven Islands, Quebec, as a young girl she moved to the UK where she studied and worked as a specialist in prosthetic makeup effects for film and television. Only later did she begin to experiment with the camera. 

In her case, the first lockdown had a big effect on her working life as, like all of us, she found herself at home, without the subjects she used to photograph at her disposal. So, driven by the particular moment and the desire to experiment with still life, she began to focus her attention on flowers. 

The uniqueness of her work lies in the fact that Jennifer does not simply shoot flowers as they are, but with skill she uses them to form compositions that vaguely resemble human silhouettes, with buds and petals instead of hands and feet. Only once she finds the most suitable shape does she start shooting.

“Bound Species” is an ever-evolving series, below you can find some shots of it and other photographs by Jennifer Latour’s older works, but to discover all her work follow her on Instagram!

Photographyphotographystill life
Written by Giulia Guido
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