Our interview with Inoki for the new album “NUOVO MEDIOEGO”

Our interview with Inoki for the new album “NUOVO MEDIOEGO”

Cristiano Di Capua

If you say Inoki’s name, the association with old-school rap is almost immediate. But it’s not so obvious that an artist with his career and experience is renewing himself. So reevaluate your thinking on that, pop on your favorite music streaming service and listen to “NUOVO MEDIOEGO”.
Available from November 12 for Asian Fake/Sony Music Italy, the album contains 6 all new tracks (practically an EP) that reconfirm Inoki, born Fabiano Ballarin, as an eclectic artist who still has his say in the world of rap, modern or not. That’s why Collater.al, on the occasion of this release, decided to ask him 5 short but intense questions, also to better focus on the person behind the artist.

There are few constants in life. One of them is that Inoki belongs to hip-hop, with its justifiable ups and downs (and dissing attached). Being an active artist since the late ’90s, do you feel that you carry the weight of the scene on your shoulders?

For years I have felt the cross of hip hop on my shoulders, but now I have freed myself from it, I have left the cross where it belongs in the tomb and I am trying to rise again.

Generic question but that I feel the need to ask you: the sounds of the rap and hip-hop world have changed a lot in the last few years. Hip-hop world has changed a lot in the last decade. Although there are strong old school references and although we hear you rapping on boom-bap strong even in “NUOVO MEDIOEGO”, how was it to be able to adapt to this new wave of sounds?

It was a nice challenge that I kept putting off, in the end I faced it and I think I won it. The sound will always change, but the old school references will never be missing, so I’m doing what needs to be done.

Feel free to answer this question as much and as you want: do you like today’s rap? Would you like to point out us 3 artists that in your opinion are the right compromise between old school and new school?

Of today’s rap I like some things and I don’t like others, just like yesterday’s rap. The right compromise between old school and new school is just me, if I can suggest you some new school artists I really like: GROUP5, Baby Touchè and everything Drilliguria do.


Now a “human” question. What is the thing that moves your insides and that keeps you going every day? From what did you get your real inspiration to write the tracks of “MEDIOEGO” and, with the repack, “NUOVO MEDIOEGO”?

What keeps me going every day is love in all its facets. The inspiration for the tracks on “MEDIOEGO” and “NUOVO MEDIOEGO” I got from the desire to rise again, the desire to feel alive and the desire to still be where I need to be.

Listening to the tracks you appeared very confident, well decided on the stylistic and musical choices. What does the future hold for you? Where will we see the name of Inoki?

You will see the name of Inoki everywhere as always, the future definitely reserves me new challenges that I want to face and win.

Written by Cristiano Di Capua
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