Art The gestures handed down in the works of Jessica Spence

The gestures handed down in the works of Jessica Spence

Tommaso Berra
Jessica Spence |

The women who have been part of the life of the artist Jessica Spence are the source of inspiration for this series of portraits, images of everyday and elementary gestures, but capable of restoring the tradition of gestures repeated since childhood.
Little girls and grown-up women exchanging an affection that lies in taking care of their own beauty. Combs untangle the fine curls of shiny black hair, embellished with pearls and ribbons as if they were precious jewels. Hairstyles are undoubtedly the central subject of these works by Jessica Spence. They tell the story of a cultural landscape that is Jamaican, the country of origin of the artist, who was born and raised in New York, where she also graduated in Art Education at Lehman College.

The braids create decorative patterns, which tell the story of these scenes of life very well, as do the hands, which choreograph a choreography of holding locks of hair and then braiding them with others and then with others, in an infinite and patient repetition.
The flat colours that form the background to these portraits warm the atmosphere of the scenes, with a uniform light that illuminates the whole composition, leaving space for each colour, which contrasts with the black of the hair and the interlocking volumes.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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