Jillian Evelyn’s crumpled women

14 March 2018

Jillian Evelyn is an artist who paints the bodies of women crushed and pressed onto themselves because of society and expectations.

Jillian Evelyn is an artist based in Los Angeles whose paintings are a mix of sensations, feelings and stories of the past.

Everything in her paintings belongs to her memories and experiences, particularly a bad break-up and the way she uses colors.
Her most recurrent protagonists are the female bodies naked, tangled, bent, pushed down by an invisible force that represents the pressures of society and the oppressive expectations that control us.
In her paintings there is a strong sensation of claustrophobia that forces the bodies not to use space, to remain injured in a small corner, a sensation that is slightly mitigated only by the strong and bright tones that create the contrast.

Jillian’s work often fights against censorship which, more interested in nude than in the meaning, often blocks the contents of her page considered Not Safe For Work.



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