Jordan Brand collaborates for the first time with a European brand, Patta

This is the first time that Jordan Brand has collaborated with a European label to create a collection inspired by African culture. Let's take a look.

Patta‘s super colored patterns have been an integral part of the Nike label for many years and finally – we dare to say – they collaborate for the first time with JordanJumpman” brand, the same time that the latter collaborates with a European brand.

This year will also celebrate the 15th birthday of the Dutch brand that marks, along with the world sportswear giant, the “three-point” choosing the iconic silhouette of Air Jordan VII – which will come out in two colors – also creating a capsule collection, brown and blue tones that refer to the hip-hop style of the late ’80s, which includes a tracksuit, shorts, t-shirt and a boonie hat. The garments feature co-branding on the chest and along the sleeves of the tracksuit.

Jordan Brand collabora per la prima volta con un brand europeo, Patta |

“The products that we worked on come straight from a short Jordan clip from Barcelona that became super famous. It features a segment where Michael walks past a huge billboard of himself where he’s got the shoes on, and that image has been forever etched in my memory…it was a golden era for hip-hop. It was a big time for me, a lot of very important albums that I carry with me still came out between ’92 and ’96. And aesthetically, those years had such strong, colorful and connected relationship to black empowerment. The VII also has a reference to Africa,” says Guillaume – one of the co-founders – from Suriname who grew up in Hertogenbosch near Amsterdam. The silhouette of the shoe made its debut in 1992, affecting the culture of the period a point of transformation in male youth that was mainly related to basketball and lifestyle of the boys of that period.

The first colorway of the sneaker – Shimmer/Mahogany Mink/Velvet Brown/Tough Red – was released on April 23 exclusively in the Amsterdam flagship store, while for the capsule there was a flash drop on May 18, but if you still want to have it at all costs, don’t worry, from June 15 all the items will be available on SNKRS app, on the official website of Patta and from selected retailers. In addition, there will be the second color of the shoe that could be: Icicle/Sequoia/River Rock/Light Crimson.

Maybe it will be on the occasion of this amazing goal that Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt have decided to open another store, this time in Milan, in the capital of Italian fashion, close to the official release of the collaboration. What must have motivated them to make this choice? Maybe to celebrate their birthday? Stay connected with us to find out more.

Text by Elisa Scotti


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