Nike launches mysterious 1985 campaign Lost Shipment

11 June 2019

In New York and Los Angeles, mysterious billboards signed by Nike have appeared for the1985 Lost Shipment campaign, of which nothing is yet known.

Please call 1.800.561.1985, because several expeditions signed Nike, dated 1985, have disappeared.
These words are recited by the billboards that suddenly appeared between New York and Los Angeles.

Camping on a red background is the inscription “LOST SHIPMENT” accompanied by the above-mentioned hotline and Nike’s swoosh.
There are not many other leaked news, just a very short clip, published by the Beaverton brand on Twitter, showing a company truck leaving a garage through the security cameras.

if found, do not approach shipment on your own accord. Please contact authorities now.”

All that remains is to wait because this can only be the announcement of a new release.


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