Julie Poly immortalizes today Ukraine in her pictures

7 November 2019

Julie Poly is an emerging Ukrainian photographer who creates images of great visual impact. Come in now to find out what it is about!

Julie Poly, aka Yulia Polyashchenko, was born in Stakhanov, Lugansk, and now lives in Kiev. Her style was strongly influenced by the projects of social documentary filmmaker Boris Mikhailov and her training at the Kharkiv School of Photography.

Combining her strong reportage imprint with her passion for studio photography, Julie has managed to find a personal narrative style that offers strong, well-maintained images. Her scenes interpret the cultural and visual codes of the typical everyday life in Ukraine; in particular, the themes of eroticism, fashion and new models of beauty are proposed.

The artist has stated on several occasions that she is constantly inspired by “trivial things, daily events, stories of friends’ lives and her own experience”.
Through an almost grotesque imaginary, Julie manages to communicate the lifestyle of her country in a contemporary and innovative way.

Take a look at the artist’s website here.


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