Design Jupe, the luxury cabin that seems to come from space

Jupe, the luxury cabin that seems to come from space

Giulia Guido

Have you always dreamed of a place where you can take refuge, where you can isolate yourself from everything, but without having to face intercontinental travel? Jupe is the solution to all your desires. 

A small group of engineers, former employees of Tesla and SpaceX, have recently founded their own company and, inspired by the immensity of space and especially by the planet Jupiter, have called it Jupe. 

With the same name they have also baptized their first project. 

Probably driven by the ever-increasing desire to escape and the need to detoxify from the chaotic cities, the team of engineers designed and built a small luxury cabin, or pod. 

Jupe, with its clean, minimalist design, measures 33 square meters and inside houses a space that can be occupied by a double bed or two single beds, a desk, a chair and a small veranda. With two side windows and a large front opening, Jupe’s guests can feel safe without having to give up sunlight and contact with nature. 

Obviously, the engineers have not neglected the technical aspects, so the cabin is equipped with solar panels that allow Jupe an energy autonomy, to power the private wifi network and LED lights. 

Moreover, thanks to a special structure, the cabin can be easily disassembled, transported and reassembled on any type of surface, whether in the middle of a forest or by the sea. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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