Art KAWS collaborates again with AllRightsReserved

KAWS collaborates again with AllRightsReserved

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After a tour and visiting several locations – such as Victoria Harbour’s and Pharrell’s Something in the wate in Hong Kong- Kaws Holiday sculpture will arrive at the foot of Mount Fuji in recent months.

In collaboration with AllRightsReserved and the support of Herschel Supply, this event will mark the fourth stage of Companion. The 40-metre long Companion will occupy the ground at Fujinomiya Camping in Shizuoka. The event is accompanied by a special sketch of KAWS, depicting a relaxed Companion with one hand behind the head, the other on the belly and legs bent. 

The incredible camping experience will host a variety of limited edition collectibles made with AllRightsReserved. It will take place on July 18 and to participate you must register for a lottery, which opens at 21:00 on June 27 and ends at the same time the next day. 

The series of 10 exclusive items includes a 20 cm plush – KAWS Holiday – in the shape of Mount Fuji stylized in three color variations, the Kokeshi Dolls in vinyl of 24.1 cm, ceramic plates in four colors, gold and silver pins and the Fire-King Mugs, each of which decorated with works of art of Mount Fuji. The other pieces will be cushions, t-shirts and tote bags in navy blue, white and pink.
The entire collection will be on sale in the Ding Dong Takuhaibin online store.

Text by Elisa Scotti

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