Photography Laura Sisteró and her cinematic photography

Laura Sisteró and her cinematic photography

Giulia Guido
Laura Sisteró

Surreal, mystical and mysterious. Laura Sisteró‘s shots open the door to a world that manages to be so far removed from reality and yet so much like it. 

Laura Sisteró works between Paris, London and Barcelona as a photographer, director and writer. Her art does not end with the camera, but adapts to different media, always managing to surprise the viewer, and although we will focus on her shots here, we invite you to visit her website and Vimeo channel to discover all the videos she has directed. 

As we mentioned, Laura Sisteró’s photographs have a surreal, almost terrifying quality. The atmosphere is reminiscent of films such as “The Shining” or the more recent TV series “Ratched”. We are enraptured by the subjects in unnatural poses, by a retro style and by the light, used to emphasise the colours, sometimes even exasperating them. 

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Discovering her shots we feel like little Alice in a world full of wonders. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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