Art “Penn Station’s Half Century”, the series by Stan Douglas
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“Penn Station’s Half Century”, the series by Stan Douglas

Emanuele D'Angelo

It was way back in 1906 when Penn Station in New York City was completed. A revolutionary work for the transportation industry that cost a total of $114 million at the time.

Unfortunately, 60 years later Penn Station made way for Madison Square Garden. The demolition of the original structure of the station was not well received and gave rise to numerous protests and controversies.

Stimulated by the importance and history of the famous train station, photographer Stan Douglas decided to bring that iconic place back to life with a hybrid of computer, graphics and staged photography.

The American photographer’s series is entitled “Penn Station’s Half Century” and includes nine vignettes that will be exhibited in the new Moynihan Train Hall in New York City.

A long and complex endeavor, Douglas worked with a researcher to carefully sift through periodicals that mentioned Penn Station. The scenes were recreated by the photographer over the course of four days of shooting in Vancouver. Stan Douglas shot about four hundred actors dressed in period costumes and afterward digitally inserted all of them.

It’s a series that takes us back years in time lest we forget a beaux-arts architectural marvel from the early 1900s.

ArtPhotographygraphic design
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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