Layla Chenyz’s minimal and macabre tattoos

18 July 2019

There is a striking resemblance between tattoo artist Layla Chenyz and the protagonist of many of her tattoos. Discover it in our gallery!

Layla Chenyz is one of the tattoo artists who are part of and work at the Bebop Ink in Vancouver. I was captured by the minimalism and cleanliness of the shapes of her Instagram profile, then, going on to scroll through the gallery, I found myself in an endless world, a continuous loop, a bit like her creations. 

The protagonist of many of her tattoos, who impressively resembles Layla herself, is reflected endlessly in the mirrors, looks at herself on a television screen, or is literally divided in two as if one part of her body were in a time and the other in a totally different time. 

They are macabre creations that will disorient you a bit, then maybe you’ll want a tattoo like this. 


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