Le tre grazie, TVBOY celebrates the love between PD and M5S

A new TVBOY mural has appeared in Rome celebrating the love between Di Maio and Zingaretti, with Conte and Renzi closing the picture.

6 September 2019

Can summer love last for ever?
Asks himself TVBOY, the Italian artist who has often been compared to Banksy, by now specialized in murals with a political background.

After “Amor Populi“, starring the famous kiss between Salvini and Di Maio, “La Guerra dei Socials“, with the same back-to-back politicians fighting through their Iphones, there comes, inevitably, “Le tre grazie“, with the lastminute trio of Conte, Di Maio and Zingaretti and a Renzi in the role of a cupid ready to shoot his arrow.

For this work the street artist was inspired by two of the great actors of the Italian Renaissance, Raphael and his painting of the same name, and Botticelli from whom he stole the figure of cupid.

The mural appeared in Rome, more precisely in Piazza Capizucchi, and is made with mixed media, acrylic and spray on the wall.
The bets on the duration of the mural are open.
And also those on the new political marriage. 


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