There’s No Place Like Sports, the ESPN spot that goes beyond victory

6 September 2019

ESPN's "There's No Place Like Sports" campaign celebrates sport, a world where the important thing is not to win but to live.

You know those situations where a person says “It’s not winning, but taking part that counts”, but everyone thinks otherwise? The ESPN commercial “There’s No Place Like Sports” might change your mind. 

Made by the agency Arts & Letters Creative Co., the one-minute video shows a series of sports actions, a very popular and already seen advertising strategy. The strength of the spot lies in the selection of images, such as the victory of 15-year-old Coco Gauff against Venus Williams or the women’s football team of the United States that wins the fourth world, but also injuries, moments of solidarity and the most difficult ones, such as the death of a teammate. 

There’s No Place Like Sports tells a world that is not about victories, but about stories that are worth telling. 


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