Art Leonard Baby and the split moment

Leonard Baby and the split moment

Giorgia Massari

With impressionistic suggestions and a cinematic slant, the acrylic works of American artist Leonard Baby seem to capture a frame, a precise moment suspended in time that provides only a few clues to the whole scene. Leonard is attracted to details, postures and, in particular, actions in the midst of their unfolding. The seemingly static scenes presuppose a dynamism that draws the viewer into a feeling of suspense.

Leonard Baby’s passion for cinema is also evident in the format of his canvases, which often have the typical 16:9 aspect ratio. The influence of Edvard Munch is also predominant. The artist himself states that he has this in mind while painting. This is particularly evident in the colour component, which lends the works a dramatic vein. Seemingly innocuous scenes are charged with a certain restlessness, also dictated by the lack of a defined identity of the subjects, whose intentions are barely hinted at by their postures and gestures.

Courtesy Leonard Baby

Written by Giorgia Massari
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