Art Let’s Play Culture, Nico Skolp’s mural on a basketball court
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Let’s Play Culture, Nico Skolp’s mural on a basketball court

Giulia Guido

It was finished a few days ago, Let’s Play Culture, the last work realized by Nico Skolp on the surface of a basketball court in Matera. 

Born in 1983, Nico Skolp was born in Bari and since his adolescence he has been passionate about the art of writing, focusing mainly on the study of letters and managing to go beyond the simple concept of tags. In his works, in fact, we can see a new approach that focuses on geometric shapes and abstract figures, with which Niko has managed to bring an almost scientific method within the art that is commonly linked to the idea of improvisation and total freedom. 

For five years he has been particularly active on the Matera scene thanks to the Open Playfull space project that aims to redevelop the area through artistic interventions, the last of which is Let’s Play Culture. It is a mural of over 400 square meters that covers the entire surface of a public basketball court, realized in collaboration with Quapos – German artist.

The intent, which can also be deduced from the name of the work, was to make art functional to the game

Thanks to his art, Nico Skolp is not only known in Italy but also internationally: he has participated in several European festivals of urban art and his work has appeared in several online newspapers, among which stands out. 

Last but not least, besides being involved with his personal works, Nico Skolp is also involved in the diffusion and promotion of graffiti art through initiatives such as the Wallness Club collective and following for Momart – art gallery and creative space – a training path with the aim of creating a first group of writers from the city of Matera. 

If you want to find out more about Nico Skolp go to his website and follow him on Instagram!

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Written by Giulia Guido
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