Design The latest library of X+Living, a forest of mirrors

The latest library of X+Living, a forest of mirrors

Giulia Guido

In the southwestern part of China, in the Sichuan province, about fifty kilometers from the city of Chengdu, you can still visit one of the oldest sites of the country and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dujiangyan and its irrigation system built around 250 BC.
This place and its intricate system inspired the architects of the X+Living studio to design a library for the city of Dujiangyan. This is not the first time that we have visited X+Living‘s bookshops, we had in fact talked about the one in Beijing and also the one inspired by Escher‘s works. 

This time, however, it seems that the architects wanted to overcome all their previous projects. The bookshop develops horizontally, but thanks to the creation of lofts and small terraces accessible by spiral staircases and, above all, a fully mirrored ceiling, in the store seems to go on forever. 

As far as the shapes of the bookcases and the furnishing objects are concerned, X+Living has taken its cue from the shapes and characteristics of the landscape in the area. The columns full of books are reminiscent of the bamboo forests, while the black floor is a tribute to the Min River and the wooden benches in the corridors and rooms are reminiscent of the typical boats that populate the waterway. 

Buying books has never been so beautiful!

Written by Giulia Guido
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