Photography The pleasant places in Linda Westin’s photographs

The pleasant places in Linda Westin’s photographs

Claudia Fuggetti

The story of Stockholm-based photographer Linda Westin is a bit like that of another artist, Al Mefer; in fact, they both share the same colour rendering and, above all, neuroscience.

After leaving photography, she received his PhD in neuroscience with a focus on super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.

As often happens, a passion always finds the right way to come back to the surface when it turns out to be an authentic need: as chance would have it, Linda has managed to find a way to merge her greatest passions within visual culture, creating poetic and alien-mooded images of pleasant places.

And here, in the darkness, branches, cacti, starry skies and nocturnal visions stand out overwhelmingly, capturing the attention of a lot of followers on Instagram, ready to leave for a psychedelic journey.

Written by Claudia Fuggetti
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