Loghi Maledetti, the Instagram profile that you can’t miss

12 July 2019

It's called Loghi Maledetti and it's the Instagram profile where the most famous logos become brazen and hilarious. Discover it here!

Continue our search for Instagram profiles to know absolutely. This is the time for Loghi Maledetti (@important.marketing) which, as often happens, is based on a simple but brilliant idea. 

You just have to go around the street, it takes ten minutes to understand that we are always surrounded by logos, from those of luxury brands to those of cars, from the signs of supermarkets to the labels of soft drinks. Profile administrators take them and modify a letter or a little more, creating new hilarious logos. 

You will find yourself scrolling through their entire page discovering how easy it is to transform “Orogel” into “Orge” or “Nespresso” into “Represso”. 

There is nothing else spoiler, but below you can find our favorites! 


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