Hand Solo, the song against the taboos of female autoerotism

Hand Solo, the song against the taboos of female autoerotism

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In the female world, you know, there are an infinity of taboos. Questions a bit uncomfortable where every time they are addressed, women feel embarrassed. Millages, sex, and many others are just a small part of them. What more women accumulate, however, and what can be defined as the King of taboos, is certainly masturbation. In general, the whole world of sexuality is a difficult subject for a woman to express. It’s easy for a man to talk about it. Probably because inexplicable social dynamics have been established so that expressing something about this very intimate subject can put many women in awe.

For this reason Marika Hackman, an English singer, wrote Hand Solo, a song taken from the album Any Human Friend, released last August whose lyrics seem to be a real hymn to female masturbation. This celebrates the theme by offering a sort of accusation to the strongly masculine society in which we have always lived.

The track is also accompanied by a direct video of the director Samuel J. Bailey who wanted to make a short film of almost four minutes. Here the subject is treated with a lot of irony and with metaphors that represent in an abstract way the act of masturbation from the beginning to the end. Although very explicit, the film is not vulgar and does not present scenes that are too strong. Inside there are hands that caress objects such as cakes, sinks, clothespins, sheets, cappuccinos, fans, etc.. Hand Solo’s video begins with a quote from Susie Bright, an American journalist and writer who is very active on the feminist front:

Behind every erotic conviction is a fiery hypocrite.

For the project, Marika Hackman and Bailey also anonymously collected thoughts and stories about masturbation by women. These appear at the end of the film as if they were the end credits.

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