The world’ s smallest McDonald’s has opened and it’s called McHive

23 May 2019

The communications and marketing agency NORDDDB has combined the useful with the enjoyable and has created the smallest McDonald's in the world, the McHive.

The idea to make McHive, the smallest McDonald’s in the world, came to the creatives of the marketing and communication agency NORDDDB to pay homage to the fast-food chain in Sweden that, on the roof, host hives.

McHive reproduces the real McDonald’s in every way, from the sign to the doors, from the roof to the windows, what changes is the interior. Once the small structure has been uncovered, the whole is designed to house a series of hives.

McHive follows the trend of many McDonald’s in the world who seem to be increasingly attentive to the green and take the side of ecology and for the first time, not only people but also bees can have a lunch break at the fast food.

mchive mcdonalds |
mchive mcdonalds |
mchive mcdonalds |
mchive mcdonalds |


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