Art “Melt fast, die young”, Ciredz’s latest work in Normandy
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“Melt fast, die young”, Ciredz’s latest work in Normandy

Emanuele D'Angelo

The Cagliaritan street artist Roberto Cireddu, aka Ciredz, has recently completed his latest work entitled “Melt fast, die young”, for the second edition of the Rouen impressionnĂ©e Urban Art Festival which takes place in Rouen, a port city on the Seine and the capital of Normandy.

For the festival which will host 20 artworks by artists from all over the world, Ciredz has created a work 10 meters high by 20 meters that is a clear reference to the alarming situation of global warming.

The Italian artist chose an abandoned building on the left bank, well known to passers-by in the Saint-Sever district. “Melt fast, die young” depicts a large block of ice melting into an abyss, a representation of the melting of glaciers that is disrupting the global climate.

Artstreet art
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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