Art Michele De Lucchi signs the new Harry Potter book covers
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Michele De Lucchi signs the new Harry Potter book covers

Federica Cimorelli

Adriano Salani Editore published the first Harry Potter book in Italy in 1997. Over the years the saga has grown and evolved editorially, lending itself to special editions and unique collaborations. Today, more than 20 years later, the worldwide success of Harry Potter is further renewed and meets Italian and world excellence in architecture and design. Let’s discover it together.

Salani Editore’s new collaboration has nothing to do with the previous ones, it is a special project that brings together one of the world’s greatest architects and designers Michele De Lucchi, his studio Amdl Circle and the Portuguese fantasy illustrator Andreas Rocha. This creative team has joined forces, created the new visual identity of the Harry Potter saga and created the new covers of the seven most famous books in the world.

The new images chosen are completely different from those created in the past and, at first glance, might confuse fans, but it is enough to study the project in-depth to discover what lies behind them.
In fact, the covers created for the occasion are not born from the imagination of the artists involved but are the illustrated evolution of some real architectural creations by Michele De Lucchi. The selected buildings are inspired by the philosophy of Earth Stations, visionary creations that reflect contemporary themes, stations designed to foster human relationships.

Thus, in Philosopher’s Stone the Hogwarts school is transformed into a gothic abbey in central Italy, in Chamber of Secrets the Weasley family home becomes part of the Walnut “Cataste” and in Prisoner of Azkaban, the prison recalls the Hotel Medea in Batumi, Georgia. In Goblet of Fire, on the other hand, the Quiddich court recalls the shape of Pavilion Zero for Expo 2015, the astronomy tower on the cover of Half-Blood Prince is a clear reference to the Tower of Wind seen at the Triennale in Milan and the Hogwarts bridge in Deathly Hallows is inspired by the Bridge of Peace in the centre of Tbilisi, Georgia.

The decision to use these references stems from the desire to amplify the reader’s imagination and the iconography of the saga through never-before-seen scenarios. Their aim is to place the fantasy genre in direct dialogue with contemporary architecture and create a bridge between the collective imagination of Harry Potter and the world’s cultural imagery.

The seven new covers were also enhanced with a new typeface by Swiss designers Elias Hanzer and Fabian Harb (Dinamo).

Launched on 21 January 2021, the new Harry Potter editions can now be purchased online on the Salani Editore website.

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Artbookeditorial illustration
Written by Federica Cimorelli
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