Art MINIATURE CALENDAR and dioramas by Tatsuya Tanaka

MINIATURE CALENDAR and dioramas by Tatsuya Tanaka

Federica Cimorelli
MINIATURE CALENDAR e i diorami di Tatsuya Tanaka |

Looking at things with an unconventional gaze is not easy, but we have all done this at least once in our lives. Just look at the world from a different perspective, find the special detail in everyday objects and travel with imagination. It takes fancy and originality. 
Tatsuya Tanaka is the master of this and MINIATURE CALENDAR is his project that confirms it.

In fact, since April 20, 2011, this Japanese artist and photographer has started an unusual daily story on Instagram. For almost 10 years now Tatsuya has been publishing on his profile the shot of the miniature of the day

The particular and original aspect of his artistic intervention is the choice of subjects. To create her miniatures Tatsuya Tanaka does not simply use tiny objects, but reuses daily ones and distorts their meaning.

So the cap of a bottle becomes an inflatable swimming pool, the lens of a pair of sunglasses turns into a computer screen and the musical scores becomes a perfect ice hockey rink. 

Everyone must have had thoughts like these before: broccoli and parsley may sometimes look like a forest of trees, and tree leaves floating on the surface of water may sometimes look like little boats. 
Everyday occurrences seen from a miniature perspective can bring us lots of fun thoughts. I wanted to take this way of thinking and express it through photographs.

His is an ironic and meticulous work that requires creativity and patience. Today her dioramas have become very famous: Tatsuya Tanaka has made over 3500 of them, all different.

Take a look here at a selection of his works and follow him on Instagram to track his daily story.

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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