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Money Heist 3, all we own about it!

Giulia Guido

I know that many of you have already marked yourselves on the calendar that Money Heist 3, the most widely seen non-English series in the world, will be released on 19 July

Waiting to know what happened to the Professor, Denver, Tokyo and all the others, Netflix has released, a few days later, two trailers. 

In the first we see the Professor talking to us, eyes in the eye, revealing that one of the gang has been arrested (who will be?) and that they are ready to do things in large, even larger than the robbery at the State Mint. 

The second video, however, more than a trailer seems a very fast recap of the first two seasons. Obviously, we can not help but spend a few words on the stylistic scene of the latter, in fact, have taken as an example the famous spot against piracy that preceded each film on DVD, but this time instead of saying “You would never steal a bag” we see words like “You would never print 984 million“.

Money Heist 3 will have 8 episodes of 45 minutes each and will all be available on Netflix from July 19!

Artnetflixpop corn
Written by Giulia Guido
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