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The 5 most beautiful Nike Air Max 1 of all time

Andrea Tuzio

Today is a celebration day. A somewhat subdued celebration because of the situation that we are forced to face, but still a celebration and therefore worthy of being celebrated.
Today is Air Max Day, that celebrates the day when, in 1987, Nike put on the market the shoe that will forever revolutionize the world of footwear, the Air Max 1.

To celebrate we decided to put together the 5 most beautiful Nike Air Max 1 of all time. Considering that beauty is a completely subjective concept, this very small ranking is personal, we hope you enjoy it.

5. Nike Air Max 1 BRS Powerwall

A real grail for fans of the silhouette. Produced in just 144 pairs, the Air Max 1 BRS Powerwall celebrates the beginning of everything and the company’s original name, Blue Ribbon Sport (BRS). The shoe pays tribute to the original colors of the first Blue Ribbon Sport models, deep metallic green, suede brown and pink. If you’re one of the lucky few to own it, hold on to it and pamper yourself.

4. Nike Air Max 1 (Original Mesh) “USA”

Released in 2002 and featuring the colors of the American flag, it remains one of the most sought-after and successful models in the entire history of Nike. The Air Max (Original Mesh) “USA” reflects the patriotism that distinguishes the United States of America and has therefore assumed over time, value and importance that goes beyond that which can arise from simple collecting.

3. Nike Air Max 1 “Amsterdam” by Parra

Beautiful. The Nike Air Max “Amsterdam” 2005 by Parra, is a historic sneaker, made with the highest quality leather and a unique color palette that makes it one of the best sneakers ever put on the market. Parra remains true to itself using brown, pink and turquoise.
It seems that there are only 250 pairs in the world if you want to buy it and your number is 9US, prepare a check for 25,000 euros.

2. Nike Air Max 1 “Cherrywood” by Patta x Parra

258 pairs produced for a gorgeous sneaker. Released in 2009, it combines the two souls of the Dutch companies involved in the collaboration: the classic brown and turquoise color combination of Parra and the reinterpretation of the classics typical of Patta.
The result is the Nike Air Max “Cherrywood” by Patta x Parra, a masterpiece.

1. Nike Air Max 1 OG

We couldn’t end our little journey through the history of the Air Max 1, except with the most iconic and beautiful sneaker of all, the Nike Air Max 1 OG.
Inspired by the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Hatfield was fascinated by the structure designed by Renzo Piano, Gianfranco Franchini and Richard Rogers inaugurated in 1977.
This was the first shoe in which the Air unit was visible, characterized by red, white and grey and made of suede materials. At first Hatfield’s design was greeted with a certain skepticism, but the architect managed to convince everyone that this shoe would be a success, demonstrating his unique and unparalleled vision. More than 30 years later it remains perhaps the best product ever made by Beaverton’s company.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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