Art Nafir, street art to fight censorship in Iran
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Nafir, street art to fight censorship in Iran

Emanuele D'Angelo

Street artist Nafir is back to surprise us with new and beautiful works exhibited in different places in Iran.
Nafir is a self-taught artist, born in Tehran, whose works are influenced by traditional Iranian art and culture.
As he defines himself he is a street artist, vandal and independent who tries through his art to make people think about the social problems of his country in particular and of the whole world.

Nafir started tagging the crowded walls of Tehran in 2008 also to fight with censorship and political problems.
His paintings can be found all over the world in Malaysia, Afghanistan, Italy, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Turkey, India and Georgia.

In Iran, the culture of street art has only taken hold for a few years. Initially, the Iranian artist was inspired by Jef Aeresol , Black le Rat and Banksy. But then, talking with his father who is an expert in traditional carpets and works in that field, he had the intuition to mix the traditional arts of carpets, calligraphy and ceramics with the art of graffiti. These art forms, contrary to what people think today, are not only decorative, but they express a very precise philosophy. Thus Nafir has succeeded in developing an art form that is in keeping with the world from which it comes.

In his latest works that you can see below, the artist has used the exlimi and carpet weaving, combining two things that should not be together: one that is accepted, the other forbidden.

Artstreet art
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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