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All the must-see May Netflix films and tv series

Andrea Jean Varraud
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Here are the new Netflix’s additions for the month of May, which we recommend you.

Knock Down the House: The month of May opens with the release of one of the most awaited documentaries of the year, Knock Down the House. The film, directed by Rachel Lears, was presented at this year’s Sundance Festival where it won two titles. The director opens the doors to the much-discussed American politics, putting four female candidates in the spotlight during their run for the 2018 election. The protagonists in question are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York, Amy Vilela from Nevada, Cori Bush from Missouri and Speak Jean Swearengin from West Virginia. During the documentary, we will understand the motivations, the fears, but we will also have a cross-section of the organizational bulk that is hidden behind the country’s elections with stars and stripes, especially in such a delicate and particular historical moment. The film produced, thanks to a copious Crowdfunding campaign, was purchased by Netflix after the presentation at Sundance and will be available on the streaming platform starting from May 1st, 2019.

Tuca & Bertie: While waiting for BoJack Horsman‘s next season, a much-loved series by young adults, Netflix decides to give us a gift to dampen the wait. This gift is called Tuca & Bertie and comes from the fantastic mind of Lisa Hanawalt, which, as you will understand, is the creator of BoJack Horseman herself. This time we will not follow the story of a horse, but of two feathered girls in their thirties years, who support each other in an existence full of difficulties, doubts but sometimes joys. The two protagonists will have the voices of Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong.

The series recently announced, but already much awaited, will appear on the small screen Friday 3 May. We look forward to it! And you?

Wine Country: Comedy film directed and performed by Amy Poehler, surely one of the most talented comedians, especially after the success of Inside Out, Parks and Recreation and much more. This time, however, the film is about a group of friends who, to celebrate a birthday, travel together to Wine County. More precisely to Napa, a region of California, particularly Nora for wine production. The holiday, however, will not be just good wine and chat between friends. No, in the course of the episodes old grudges will come out and things unsaid that will cause immediately arguments and misunderstandings. The all-female series, written by two veterans of comedy, such as Liz Cackowoski and Emily Spivey, will be released on Netflix on 10 May 2019

What/If: We go out a little from the comedy area to get to the decidedly more obscure one: the Thriller zone. What/If is Neo-Noir, a thriller at the time of social networks that deal with the dread of moral drifts of human behavior. The highly anticipated new series will see Renèe Zellweger in her first television experience as the “protagonist”. The much-loved actress, who in her career has managed to earn an Oscar for her performance in Cold Mountain, we can see in the first scenes of the series in a pose very similar to the legendary split leg of Basic Instinct. In fact, the Zelwegèer will play the part of the temptress, who puts the quiet of a young married couple into turmoil by making them a rather tempting proposal:

“What if I made you an offer, to extraordinary to refuse. For anything and anyone, to be yours for the taking. The players are all arranged. What would you risk for a chance to have it all.”

The plot is still quite mysterious to us, but impatience starts to rise. The 10-episode series will be available, in its full version, on Netflix Friday, May 24th.

When They See Us: Series announced several months ago, that it will be one of the flagship products of this spring month. When They See Us is a miniseries created and directed by Ava DuVernay that follows the case of a group of black teenagers, unjustly convicted of a crime of rape never committed. The story, taken from a true story, traces a 25-year period, shedding light on the highlights of this legal affair that held the States with bated breath for years. The first and only season, consisting of only four episodes, will be available in the Netflix catalog on Friday 31st May. Below you will find the first trailer. We wish you a good wait.

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