Style New Balance and Palace go back 10,000 years

New Balance and Palace go back 10,000 years

Andrea Tuzio

No, New Balance and Palace have not invented the time machine; rather, they have joined forces for a collaboration that brings together two realities that speak the same language.
At the center of the collabo we find one of the Boston-based company’s most iconic Made in UK models, the 991 (available in two different colorways), as well as a capsule collection that harks back to the casual imagery rooted in the very land of the newly crowned King Charles III of England.

Despite being born in Boston-but to an English father, William J. Riley in fact was an English immigrant-New Balance has always had a very strong presence in the UK. So much so that in 1982 NB opened its factory on English soil, moving then to a small coastal village, Flimby, in the following decade. Coming soon after was the Made in UK line, which placed, and continues to place, emphasis on the choice of materials, local craftsman, and the skill and talent of local resources. Absolute quality of materials and labor and experimental design are the two hallmarks of the Made in UK models.

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What further caught my attention was the launch campaign for the collaboration between New Balance and Palace.

A 1.5-minute video in which we are told that we are indeed in Flimby, but not in the present day, but in the Paleolithic period, that is, 10,000 years ago, in which two hominids are visited by a man who seems to have come from the future, wearing the garments from the capsule collection, who gives the two “fire,” at least he says so. They are actually the two variants of NB 991 Palace, and rightly so, the two Paleolithic men ask if with that “fire” they will be able to cook food or cover themselves to protect against the cold. The man from the future at that point is in trouble and decides to disappear just as he arrived, from nowhere.

The entire collaboration between New Balance and Palace will be released online and in-store on Thursday, May 12.

Below you can take a look at the campaign video with which the collaboration was launched.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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