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Among the trulli with New Balance and Sneakers76

Giorgia Massari

In the wonderful scenery of the Itria valley, made of trulli, farms and pristine natural expanses, in early July there was the two-day event born from the collaboration between Sneakers76 and New Balance, strictly with the New Balance Fresh Foam More Trail at your feet. The Apulian experience was built with the intention of bringing together the brand community and, more generally, fans of sneakers and urban culture, to encourage dialogue and give the company the opportunity to collect direct product feedback.

We at were also invited to participate in the experience that, after a warm welcome in the beautiful Masseria Sant’Elia, between pasticciotti and granite, led us to undertake an intensive cooking course. The housewives passed on their knowledge and also their secrets about the preparation of orecchiette, the typical pasta of the place. The second day was decisive, a walk in the forest of Alberobello allowed us to test the new New Balance that, thanks to the foam sole, facilitate walking on steep terrain, on the rocks, softening the bumps and making the walk fluid.

Between the song of the cicadas and the chirping of birds, authoritative voices and representatives of New Balance have shown us the recent technological evolution of the company in the trail industry. Through fun activities, such as a quiz game and tug of war, the philosophy of Sneakers Academy – the new project by Daniele Valente born from a rib of Sneakers76 – which aims to spread the knowledge of this sector and to strengthen the concept of community. In particular, the concept of community is even more important if we talk about New Balance, which has a very cohesive community behind it and attentive to the news in terms of product and brand.

An important reflection has also been made on the theme of eco-sustainability, to which New Balance pays particular attention. Also in this case, for the New Balance Fresh Foam More Trail, the company has chosen – where possible – recycled materials and the non-use of artificial colors, as for the white version of the model.

The experience ended with a visit to the beautiful caves of Castellana and a dinner of panzerotti and mozzarella, greeting us waiting for the next trip with Sneakers76!

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StyleNew Balancesneakers
Written by Giorgia Massari
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