Art The strange bodies of Ángela Burón

The strange bodies of Ángela Burón

Giorgia Massari

Coming across Ángela Burón‘s works, it is normal to feel bewildered, almost alienated or even horrified. The Spanish artist and photographer creates surreal images in which the female body is manipulated to create hybrid and monstrous bodies. Arms are replaced by legs, the vulva is transformed into a mischievous mouth, knees are replaced by breasts and so on. Often Burón also uses food to create allusive and even more insinuating images.

Sensual but also alienating, Ángela Burón’s shots can confuse the viewer who is confronted with a total reversal of the female body. Elements that would normally be seductive – such as naked legs or breasts – here become disturbing but at the same time bewitching. The images imprint themselves in the mind of the spectator who searches for their ambiguity.

Courtesy Ángela Burón

Written by Giorgia Massari
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