Photography Nicolette Passerello and the shots between dream and reality
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Nicolette Passerello and the shots between dream and reality

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The shots of the Californian photographer Nicolette Passerello blend reality and fantasy, they are daily snapshots that skilfully mix truth and dream.

Her artistic work seems to have two great leitmotifs: natural-documentary photography and oneiric-cinematographic photography. Despite this contrast, her portfolio is harmonious and well-balanced: her shots, though different, share natural light, acid and bright tones and a vintage 70s aesthetic.

The work of Nicolette Passerello is an uninterrupted game between skill and technique: shadows, lights, coloured filters, textures, nostalgic grains and multiple exposures are the undisputed protagonists and give her shots dynamism and energy.

Her snapshots are a hybrid tale of nature and metropolis amidst the sunsets, beaches and landscapes of California.

See here a selection of her shots and follow her on Instagram.

PhotographyDouble Exposurephotography
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