Photography The night photographs by Michael McCluskey

The night photographs by Michael McCluskey

Giulia Guido

Michael McCluskey‘s shots seem to have been taken on the set of a Lynch or Hitchcock film.
Michael McCluskey is originally from the Midwest and after years of working in the music world he took a break during which he approached the world of photography and since then has enjoyed nothing but success. To date his Instagram profile has reached 34 thousand followers and has recently published his first zine available on the Setanta Books website

Michael McCluskey’s photographs take us through the semi-deserted streets of American towns, where we find pubs that seem to have come out of the last century, cars parked in private driveways.
Everything is wrapped in a mystical and mysterious atmosphere. The shots, in fact, are almost all taken at night or at the first light of dawn, when the fog creates a natural filter and fades all colors and shapes.

We have selected only some of his shots, but if you want to find out more visit Michael McCluskey’s website and follow him on Instagram

Written by Giulia Guido
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