Style NIGO exhibits its archive in a museum

NIGO exhibits its archive in a museum

Andrea Tuzio

If there is an archive worthy of being displayed in a museum, this is definitely the one put together by streetwear legend NIGO.

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The current artistic director of Kenzo and founder of HUMAN MADE is probably one of the biggest and most important collectors in the fashion world, and the videos and specials dedicated to him and his archive are countless.

At last, most of the vintage pieces that NIGO keeps with extreme care have been put together and displayed in an exhibition at the Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum in Tokyo, entitled “NIGO’s VINTAGE ARCHIVE”.
The exhibition is curated by NIGO himself with the collaboration of two of the leading names in Japanese vintage, sukimonobook and suntrap

The exhibition gives us a front row seat to a unique collection amassed by NIGO throughout his incredible and rollicking life in the fashion world not only.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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