Posti Sinceri, the Instagram profile that discovers the old Milan

11 June 2019

Posti sinceri is the Instagram profile that shows bar, restaurant and old clubs of real Milan, the most hidden and far from the logic of fashion and market.

On July 21, 2018, the Trattoria Manfredi Amilcare landed on Instagram, one of those places where time seems to have stopped.
From the external sign to the straw chairs, from the black and white paintings to the wall entirely dedicated to Inter and the photos with autographs. One of those places that tastes of home and childhood, just the first that  @postisinceri decided to tell with an Instagram account that makes you feel the lack of places where you have never been.

Yes, because when you leave your city, you don’t leave only your affections, you leave all those bars, restaurants and small shops where they call you by name and where, if you are absent for a while, they are offended and when you come back they can’t wait to point it out to you.
@postisinceri, for me, is just that. Those places that exist for everyone, whether it’s in your own city or in the one where you spend your holidays. 

A gallery of timeless images, with abundant portions, the noise of thunderous laughter, the mahogany counters and pool tables, the names of the places that have the name of the owners, Beppe, Pino, Lucio, Margy, Achille, Massimo, Tomaso, the checkered tablecloths and the striped tents.

A profile that, in addition to telling, allows you to discover all of them with the map that you find here.


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