Art Noodles by John Blond become NFT

Noodles by John Blond become NFT

Giulia Guido

The world of NFT is gaining more and more followers and after the internationally renowned Italian photographer Emanuele Ferrari, now it is the turn of the Catanese visual artist and designer John Blond.

Some time ago we talked about his art and two of his patterns made up of black and bold lines on coloured backgrounds, which led to his works being renamed ‘Noodles’.
On Saturday 12 February at 2 p.m., John Blond will present his first collection of Noodles at NFT

This new project involves the creation of 1000 hand-drawn 1:1 NFTs. John Blond said: “For me, this project is primarily a personal challenge. I am thrilled to be designing 1000 noodle compositions and therefore a billion noodles. The collection is based on my art, on what I believe in and what I want to carry on until my noodles are even shakier.

Notably, on Saturday the 12th the artist will release the first NFT drop and then for the weeks to follow five to 25 new pieces will be revealed. 

They are aimed for all those who primarily believe in me and my art. They represent an invitation to participate for all those creative people, luminaries and dreamers. Those who, like me, love connections and generate ideas together, creating new understandings, which between determination and perseverance see projects come to fruition“.

These days on his discord, Twitter and Instagram profiles, John Blond gives his fans all the news about new releases, while creating a community united by a passion for art and creativity. 

Instead, to buy your own Noodles in NFT follow John Blond’s profile on OpenSea.

Noodles di John Blond
Written by Giulia Guido
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