Art Occident and Orient merge in Icinori’s illustrations

Occident and Orient merge in Icinori’s illustrations

Giulia Guido

Raphael Urwiller and Mayumi Otero are two illustrators and designers united in work and life. He is French and she is Japanese and when they work together they call themselves Icinori.

Their artistic style represents their origins and their influences: in their drawings, in fact, you can see some typical elements of Japanese tradition that combine and blend together with elements characteristic of European and Western art.

The result of this artistic and cultural encounter is a work with strong colours, but always balanced, and with a horizontal development of landscapes and subjects. Moreover, we can see how humanoid figures often appear.

Icinori’s work is internationally recognized and, in addition to having published several illustrated books for both children and adults, they actively work with different realities.

Their illustrations have been published in newspapers such as Le Monde and the New York Times, but they have also collaborated with brands such as Louis Vuitton or Dedar, a famous Milanese textile company.

Discover below some of their works and to learn more visit the Icinori website and their Instagram profile.

Written by Giulia Guido
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