Music Opera Festival is back, music on the slopes of Etna

Opera Festival is back, music on the slopes of Etna

Tommaso Berra
Opera Festival |

Also in 2022, from Aug. 17-21, the scenic landscape of Etna’s slopes becomes the location of Opera Festival, a musical event that will host Italian and international artists such as Pash, Oklou, Mykki Blanco, Ditonellapiaga, Soichi Terada, Yin Yin, Dov รจ Liana, Nziria, SKYH1 & Mika Oki.

The festival will be hosted again this year in Milo, a village surrounded by majestic nature that will be a key element of the event. From sunrises to vineyards, but also forests in which to listen to music surrounded by ancient trees, all this is part of the Opera Festival programming. A close relationship with nature that will make the festival experience unique and immersive, surrounded by an area that Franco Battiato called “his place in the world.”

The element around which Opera Festival 2022 revolves is light. This is understood as awakening, a new and otherworldly perception that reveals a spiritual dimension to be experienced through nature and music.
Light is the tool to bring out small villages, along with cultural events that enhance the uniqueness of the area. That is why there will also be collateral moments such as conferences, workshops, outdoor activities or wine tastings, to encourage a slow tourism that starts from the power of Etna.
Soon on the event channels all updates on the Opera Festival program.

Opera Festival |
Written by Tommaso Berra
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