Music “ORO COLATO” – issue n. 11

“ORO COLATO” – issue n. 11

Emanuele D'Angelo

Here we are, as always in the front line to take away the burden of looking for new music.
“ORO COLATO” comes back to you as every two weeks to report the freshest, most danceable releases but also the sad ones, there are no algorithms involved.

From small surprises to big returns, let’s dive into the best music of the last two weeks, enjoy!

Before we begin, as always, be careful not to take our words for ORO COLATO.

  • Frah gives us a new pearl of style. Few artists like him are able to make us fly when the head pulls us down and give new life to Italian music, out today “Si può darsi”, a small advance of the Orange side.
  • Great, great comeback is Jorja Smith, who finally returns to make us fly with “Gone”, in short, a great Friday today.
  • Another pearl comes from Daydreams able to churn out hit after hit, last week has in fact released “Skeletons”, a unique piece.
  • Let’s go back to Italy because it’s Populous’s turn to make us dream. Take a few minutes to relax and stop thinking about anything with “Luna liquida”.
  • This instead is an incredible comeback. We could say that music has no age, but too obvious if we are talking about Paul McCartney, of the new album we have chosen “Pretty Boys” with Khruangbin.
  • A song that is called “ORO” can’t help but end up in “ORO COLATO”, we only support precious things, like this single by Tredici Pietro and Mecna.
  • Another small star not to be missed, not even for a second, is Q. We’re sure he’ll be able to win you over right away with his new “If You Care”.
  • Back in “ORO” also Biig Pigg with his “Lavender” that with her dark guitars and his light voice has conquered us on the fly.
  • Impossible not to mention our dear Mahmood, waiting for the release of his album let’s console ourselves with the newcomer “Zero”.
  • Album in sight also for Cautious Clay, who not to make us feel too much his absence keeps us good with the new single “Karma & Friend” making us hope for the future.
  • Another artist of the house Undamento that we can not fail to mention is Tantum Rush with his “Too late”, makes us fly straight to Brazil between sea, sun and lots of running.
  • MIKE evolves a little more with each drop and we’re here begging you, no come on we’re kidding, to listen to it, but we can tell you that you definitely won’t be disappointed with “Evil eye”.
  • Jazmine Sullivan instead collaborated with Anderson .Paak, what can we tell you, “Price Tags” is already a hit.
  • Return also for Dario Jacque who continues to make people talk about him, this time however with his “Outside and return”.
  • Little surprise and unprecedented collaboration, that between Gemitaiz and LA NINA who together have created “LASSAME STA”.
  • Even here you better sit down, relax, Kota The Friend is back to show us the way, impossible to do without “Outside”.
  • “Organic Rust” is a song about being at odds with the idea of success and how that can lead to apathy, a new gem from Alpha Mist to listen to and listen to on a loop.
  • We close our special selection, the last of the month of April, with two long-awaited returns. The first is that of Franco 126, we have chosen “Miopia”, the second instead is that of H.E.R. with Chris Brown who have packed “Come Through”.

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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